Mulldjuret from Mikael Lindahl on Vimeo.

A wildlife film about mulldjuret (Arengus Cephalopoda), a water-living mulusk. During one year we follow its hunting routine, feeding and reproductive behavior.

Narrator: Henrik Ekman
Music: Franz Edvard Cedrins

from 2012



A fictive animal installation in Great Salt Lake Desert, wendover, Utah

from 2013



Foundation of a Building

A videowork that was a part of a exhibition at Wanås sculpture park in 2010

From the exhibition catalog:

Mikael Lindahl got the idea for the video work Foundation of a Building when he arrived at Wanås after travel- ling by bicycle from Skeppsholmen in Stockholm in the fall of 2009. He participated in the project Another Way, a three-year collaboration between The Wanås Foundation and the Royal Institute of Art.

There are many foundations after leasehold farms and cottages in the grounds of the Wanås Estate. Lindahl asked if there were any near the Park and was shown the foundation of a building near the road just outside the southern wall. Like an amateur archaeologist, he swept, scraped and cut back the plants that had obscured the foundation over the years. He brushed the stones to remove soil and dirt. Soon, the clean foundation appeared as it probably looked when the building was erected some time in the 17th or 18th century. Lindahl then meticulously painted the foundation white, using a short, wide brush, to get the paint into the cracks between the stones.

Lindahl explores what the remains of previous human activities can tell us today. Watching the video work Foundation of a Building, we ask ourselves: Who lived in this little farm consisting of a house, a barn, a fruit tree and a garden wall? What happened to the people? Did the farm fall into ruin or was it burned down, and why is only the foundation left? The answers to these questions can partly be found in Swedish 20th century history, when thousands smallhold farms were abondoned with the emergence of industrial society.


Utanför Nyköping